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Toasty Tot Handlebars

Snowmobiles Without a Steering Post Tube:

Steering Post Tube

Our handlebars attach to sleds that have a steering post tube welded to the top of the steering post from the factory.  This is the black steering post you can see in the pictures to the left.  As you can see from this front view, the handlebars mount to the sides of the tube, not the riser itself.  Most newer model sleds have this setup. 

**If your sled doesn't have this tube, please contact us!  There are adapters you can utilize to make the handlebars fit. **

This picture shows a sled with covers over the steering post tube.  Simply remove the one screw and cover, this will expose the tube. If your sled has a riser, it should have a steering post tube.

These two images show the steering post tube free of obstructions, ready for Toasty Tot Handlebars to be mounted.



What It Fits

Toasty Tot Handlebars are designed to fit Arctic Cat, Polaris, SkiDoo, and Yamaha snowmobiles by utilizing adapters that will come with your set of handlebars.

Snowmobiles without a factory steering post tube can purchase a part similar to this one below to essentially sandwich this tube between the current handlebars, which would allow for Toasty Tot Handlebars to mount to your sled.  Please contact us to discuss this option.