Featured in November 2017 SnowGoer Magazine

"My kid and I rode well over 100 miles together during the weekend, I took the pic and he loved it.  Thanks again and keep up the good work! - Mark"    


-Mark Boncher,  American Snowmobiler Magazine

"We love the new handlebars! Ryan just said getting them was the best part of the weekend. I will be ordering another set for my sister. Highly recommend them. Actually made me ride safer and more under control. And faster!"                                                           - Ken and Ryan, NJ

Featured on the "LivinLaVallee" YouTube channel

Keeping Your Kids Hands Toasty Warm

Toasty Tot Handlebars

"Your product has changed our riding for the best... at least until the kids get their own sleds. Toasty Tots truly makes it a family sport again... and I’ll be ordering another set very soon!"  

-Ross Halvorson, American Snowmobiler Magazine

"Awesome day on snowmobile with the family, Lydia's new heated handle bars from Toasty Tot Handlebars worked as advertised. They will make family sledding in Labrador more enjoyable for us."  


- Todd Stokes, Labrador City Canada